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In 138 bC, the Romans - true lovers of wine and vineyards, extended their empire to the Iberian Peninsula and bringing with them the knowledge of the production of this nectar. Valpaços was the scene of roman changes that have shaped the viticulture and enology in Portugal.

Among its highlights are the remains of the roman mills excavated in granitic rocks of the river Rabaçal margins, where they made Passum: sweet wine and little alcoholic, which made the delights of Rome! That wine it was the only wine that empire women could drink.

It is believed then that the name "Valpaços" had its origin in the name of this celebrated wine, that went through all the Roman empire.

From Passum was born Passos, thereof: Valle de Passos. A wine made by women, mother and daughter, in homage to their land and its long history.

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